Welcome to Highlight Real! A podcast for creatives. Here we don’t just focus on people’s highlight reels of success and picture-perfect life moments. Instead our conversations highlight the REAL things in life that we wrestle with, so you can learn from different perspectives, get curious about yourself, go deeper, break through your limitations and have enough moxie to take the reins of your journey and live a life defined by YOUR dreams.


I’m your host Josephine Kimberling. A 20 year creative who has straddled both the corporate world and the world of working for myself. I have a passion for heart talk, mentorship, learning from others and growing in self-awareness. To keep my hands open to new possibilities, to always be dreaming bigger, and moving forward.

My desire for this podcast is, first and foremost, to help you in your creative journey. To help you learn more about yourself so you can gain clarity on what lights you up…aaand what doesn’t. To also help you discover what is holding you back, such as fear, insecurity, imposter syndrome, a negative mindset, low self-worth – you name it – and hear stories from other creatives who have walked through these things, so you know that you are not alone and so you can walk away with tools and ideas to work through your struggles.

I have found through conversations and mentoring sessions with creatives that we are all struggling with similar things – our worth, uncertainty, insecurity and fear. And you know what else I’ve found? That when I’ve reached out to talk with others about these feelings, they start to dissolve. My courage grows. I get unstuck and am able to move forward in life – and so have they.

I’ve witnessed creatives move from being aimless to purposeful, fearful to making courageous leaps. And from a lack of clarity around what they want in their lives, to having enough clarity to take that next step with courage.

I’ve witnessed the magic of when 2+ people come together to share their lives, their hearts, their stories, and how much clarity we get when we talk it out. How much faster we are able to move forward. And how much stronger we all feel after we do so.

And it’s from these experiences, and the struggles I’ve wrestled with myself, that I am driven to start Highlight REAL.

Because friend, I desire for you to love your life. To have the reins of it in your hands, and to be intentionally going in the direction of your dreams. I desire for you to know how to look within yourself, retrain your negative self-talk and turn it into self-love. I desire for you to know how to dance with fear instead of letting it control and limit you. And most of all…I desire for you to know that you matter. That you are seen. That you have so much to offer this world that only you can give. And YOU are worth every single minute of your time. That this world needs YOU and what you can bring to it. It needs your version of creativity, through your lens, with your backstory. This world needs you THRIVING.

Will you join me?

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