Episode #11: How To Get Into Frothy Goodness With Your Creative Process

Do you find yourself stressing? Tensing up? Setting overly high expectations for yourself and your art? Today’s guests (yes, that’s right! I said guests – plural! This is my first time interviewing TWO people at once!) Sarah and Colin Walsh are going to have you get into some frothy goodness with your art and teach you to be your own friend – aaaand give yourself a hug.

Sarah and Colin Walsh are co-creators of Tigersheep Friends, a husband and wife illustration duo that love to create fun and quirky products like art prints, enamel pins, tote bags, pillows and T-shirts. Reveling in the weird, listening to music, drinking coffee, people watching, eating tacos and partaking in kung fu pillow fight dance parties gives them the special blend of energy it takes to make the kind of art they feel proud of. Their hope is to be a positive force in the world with their art!

Everyone, this interview will absolutely make you SMILE! Sarah and Colin were such a fun couple to interview, and I think you’ll enjoy this one as much as I did.



  • Take a break when you get frustrated

  • Have no cherished outcomes

  • Be a good friend to yourself

  • Pay attention to your FUN barometer

  • Condition like an athlete

  1. When you are not willing to walk away from something, you are trying to force something, and that’s just never a good idea.

  2. You’ve got to be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a hug sometimes and be your own friend.

  3. The creative process ebbs and flows. When you have a gross, stuck, meh day, know that you’ve made a deposit and maybe next time it will be on again.

  4. Have no cherished outcomes. 

  5. Don’t try to control the outcome of your creative projects. You can miss out on seeing the magic that happens with a happy accident or when something turns into something you never thought it could. If you don’t have the right mindset, then you’re just never going to see that.

  6. Your ability to “loosen-up” in your art is just a muscle and the more you use that muscle the sooner you will get there.

  7. Try selling your work where you can interact face to face with your customer. You can see directly how someone is responding to what you make. It’s important, its super-informational and helpful and it’s also kind of a high.

  8. Create a safe space where you can create whatever you want and just try stuff.

  9. Work as much as you can and get through as many projects as you can. Because after you do them again and again, your skin gets really thick, you can take feedback and criticism, you develop a professional way of dealing with things – and that does so much for your confidence.

  10. Try new stuff out. Let go of the pressure to make something beautiful right off the bat. It’s really not fair. Instead, be a good friend to yourself. 

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